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Probably the Best Armoured Brigade in the World? - Conclusion PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 31 December 2004 12:57
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Probably the Best Armoured Brigade in the World?
Brigade Units
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In reality it is very unlikely that large numbers of STR1X would be available, and their use may be restricted to sniping at enemy armoured units with the mortar OP in the infantry CHQ hidden in trees or other cover observing approaching tanks This way armour could be ambushed without giving away the location of direct fire assets, which can be saved for later Alternatively, the STRtX could be catted down upon particularly well hidden hull-down armour that is being a nuisance but that cannot be engaged with direct fire without extreme nsk. With this organisation the Swedes have appeared to devolve command of these weapons to company and battalion commanders, which is interesting. Such a potentially useful weapons has images of brigade and division commanders 'taking them over' to be used en masse if a armoured battlegroup broke through, but here they are being commanded tactically at the battalion level.

In practice each battalion has an anti-aircraft platoon attached from Corps level, this being 3x CV-90-40 AA. Similar to the M1CV. it carries more ammo instead of infantry, and has better sighting equipment. The venerable 40mm Bofors using hi-tech proximity fused ammo it considered one of the best AAA pieces around, and these vehicles are probably more effective than the RBS-70 systems. It also makes another useful anti-BMP and anti-infantry weapon in emergency, although each mechanized battalion already has 20 of the M1CV version, so their should be no need for this. Wargamers are prone to using SPAA guns as extra anti-tank units, which is something they are very good at, but is slightly unrealistic in command and training purposes. We all know that the M42 Duster and the ZSU-57-2 are much better at destroying light armour than aircraft, and are very good at pinning infantry, but vehicles like the 2S6, Gepard and CV-90-40 are very expensive and uncommon, and they should be operated to the rear of the wargames table as air defence just in case, even if it means they are sat around for several moves doing nothing.

Brigade Combat Units

Three Mechanised Battalions, each of:
BHQ: 2 x CV-90FCV, 1 GPMG and 6 x AT-4 LAW for local defence.
2 x Tank Companies, each of: CHQ: 1 x Strv 122. 3 x platoons, each of; 3 x Leopard 2A5 Strv 122. 1 x platoon of: 1 x MTU-55 bridgelayer and 1 x Centurion ARV.
2 x Mechanised Companies, each: CHQ: 1 x CV-90-40, 1 x eight-man squad. 3 x platoons, each of; 3 x CV-90-40, 3 x eight-man squads, 6 x GPMG, 3 x 84mm S.550 Carl Gustav, 18 x AT-4 disposable LAW.
1x Mortar Company: 4 batteries each of 4 x 120mm M41/D mortars carried in trucks, 1 radio-HQ Jeep.
1 Attached AA Platoon: 3 x CV-90-40 AA (See brigade supports above).

One Anti-Tank Battalion:
BHQ: 2 x Stripbv-302 APCs, 1x command squad with 6x AT-4 LAW.
1x Company: CHQ. 3 x platoons, each: 3 x Pbrbv-551 (TOW).
2 x Companies, each of: CHQ: 1 x CV90-40. 3 x platoons, each of: 3 x CV90-40 + Bill ATGW.
1 x Mortar Company of: 3 x batteries each: 4 x 120mm M41/D mortars carried in trucks.

In Conclusion

This then is the Swedish Armoured Brigade currently is use, and it would be a challenge for any gamer to take on in a straight brigade on brigade encounter. The only problem would be the models, as no one makes the CV-90 series, Lvrbv-701 or Pbrbv-551 in any scale I am aware of. In emergency the Japanese Type 89 MICV or even Marders could be used as CV-90-40, and PBv-302 with a missile tube on the roof could represent the SP vet-tides. H&R West German infantry would do for Swedish infantry.

Mark has provided a proposed Swedish Armoured Brigade TO&E: 9th & 19th Swedish Armoured Brigades (1997+).

Contributor: © 2006 Mark Bevis.

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