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Chinese (Communist) Army (1949-1953) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - China
Sunday, 26 March 2006 21:04

Quality: Third World
Morale: 1/3 Veteran, 2/3 Regular*

3 Infantry Divisions [See Chinese (Communist) Infantry Division (1949-53)]

1 Cavalry Regiment:
(details unknown)

1 Recce Battalion:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ Stand in truck.
1 Armoured Recce Coy: 2 x Recon Type 97 Te-Ke or Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tanks.
3 Mounted Recce Coys, each: 1 x Recon Cavalry Stand.

1 Engineer Battalion:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ Stand.
3 Engineer Coys, each: 2 Engineer stands.

3 Pioneer Battalions, each:
Btn HQ: 1 HQ Stand.
3 Pioneer Coys, each: 3 x Unarmed Labourer Stands.

4 Artillery Battalions, each: 2 x M38 122mm or Type 91 105mm L/24 Howitzers & Horse-drawn limbers, FO.

1 Rocket Artillery Battalion: 4 x BM-8 36x82mm Katyusha MRLs, FO.

1 (Light) AA Regiment:
1 MG AA Battery: 2 x 12.7mm AA HMG (Man-packed or Pack Mule)
3 Light AA Batteries, each: 2 x M39 37mm AA Guns & Trucks.

From 1952 Add:

1 Tank 'Regiment':
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ-T-34/85. 
3 Coys, each: 2 x T-34/85.
1 Heavy Coy: 1 x IS-2M

1 Anti-Tank Battalion: 4 x D44 85mm or M42 76mm ATGs & Trucks.
(Probably 2 Batteries of 2 or 4 Batteries each of 1 Stand).

1 Artillery Battalion: 2 x M43 152mm Guns & Lorries, FO.

1 (Heavy) AA Regiment: 10 x KS12 85mm or KS19 100mm AA Guns & Trucks, with Radar.
(Probably in 5 Batteries of 2 Stands each).

* Korean War Chinese always count as Green in Close Combat - even if Veteran or Regular (i.e. -1 combat modifier) - to reflect lack of adequate training, etc. This allows their Morale to make them resilient on defence and able to mount large scale infantry attacks in the face of defensive fire, but also susceptible to large scale casualties at close ranges. They are rated "Third World" at this time for similar reasons plus the low levels of modern communications and command/control equipment & experience.

Contributor: © 2006 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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