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German Federal Republic Army Corps Assets (c.1984) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Germany (Federal Republic)
Sunday, 01 July 2001 13:00

Quality: NATO 1
Morale: 1/3 Veteran 2/3 Regular

This article originally appeared in the SOTCW's Journal No.40 (Mid-2001).

Corps HQ: 1 x HQ Stand, 3 x Infanty Stands, 4 x Trucks

Corps HQ Defence Battalion:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ Stand & Truck
3 Infantry Companies, each: 2 Infantry Stands & Trucks.
1 Weapons Company: 2 x 20mm AA Stands, 1 x Milan ATGW Stand, 3 x Trucks.

2 (Mechanised) Engineer Battalions, each:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ Stand & Truck.
1 Company: 1 x Leopard AVLB, 1 x Leopard AEV (and 3 x Earthmovers/Dozers).
3 Companies, each: 3 x M113 Engineer Combat Teams.
1 Company: 3 x Engineer Stands & Lorries (with 1-3 x Atomic Demolition Mines*).

2 (River Crossing) Engineer Battalions, each:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ Stand & Truck.
3 Boat Companies, each: 8 x Assault Boat Stands carried in 1 x MAN 7.5t Lorry.
1 Bridge Company: 1 Ribbon Bridge & Transport.

1 Amphibious Engineer Battalion: 10 x M2 Alligator.

2 Bridging Battalions, each: 3 Medium Girder Bridges & Transport.

1 LRRP Company: 3 Recon Infantry Stands (Elite**)

1 Aviation Brigade:
Bde HQ: 1 x HQ Bo-105M (and 2 x Communication Bo-105M).
1 Heavy Lift Regiment:
2 Battalions, each: 4 x CH-53G Sea Stallion.
1 Medium Transport Regiment:
2 Battalions, each: 6 x UH-1D Huey.
1 Attack Regiment:
RHQ: 1 x HQ Bo-105M.
2 Anti-Tank Battalions, each: 7 x Bo-105P with HOT-I.
(Split each Battalion into 2 Squadrons/Companies - 1 of 3 & 1 of 4 Bo-105P Stands - for game purposes when assigning out for tactical air support, etc).

1 Corps Artillery Brigade:
Bde HQ: 1 x HQ M577.
1 Missile Battalion: 1 x Lance SRBM (HE only).
1 or 2 Artillery Battalions, each: 4 x M110A2 SP 203mm or FH70 Towed 155mm Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.

1 Corps Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Type A):
1 (Light) SAM Regiment (Type A):
3 Battalions, each: 3 x Roland-1.
1 SP AA Battalion: 3 x Flakpanzer Gepard.
1 Corps Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Type B):
1 (Light) SAM Regiment (Type B):
2 Battalions, each: 3 x Roland-1.
2 Towed AA Regiments, each:
2 Towed AA Battalions, each: 4 x Bofors 40mm L/70 & Trucks (plus 1 FC Radar Truck).

Air Force (Luftwaffe) missile units available to each Corps:
1 (Heavy) SAM Regiment:
2 Battalions, each: 9 x Nike Hercules***.
1 (Medium) SAM Regiment:
3 Battalions, each: 6 x Improved HAWK.
2-3 (Strategic) Missile Squadrons, each: 2 x Pershing IA MRBM****.

* Note the obsolete nuclear demolition mines - these would be under American control until released to German command, probably too late no doubt. They were in the process of being phased out at this time.

** Elite Status - Treat as Veteran except only check Morale once 3/4 Casualties reached and due to high level of training Scenario Designers may like to add a special specific bonus depending on scenario, e.g. can use Combat Engineer combat bonus + Veteran one in Close Combat, have embedded observer so count as FO or FAC, if doing prepared stealth Recon only spotted at 1" even in open until they move, or such like (Also see Mark Bevis' Special Forces Suggestions in his Amendments & Suggestions article - Ed).

*** Treat Nike Hercules as SA-2 but with a range of 1400". The amount of air force SAMs give an equivalent of 2 x Nike Hercules and 2 x Imp HAWK models per brigade fielded! Add in the Rolands (9 Stands per Corps = 3 per division = 1 per bde), 9 Gepard and 3 Redeye per division, and each brigade potentially ends up with a total of 9 AA stands roughly three times what an equivalent British (BAOR) force has!

**** The Pershing IA has nuclear warheads so control is held by the American Forces Command.

Contributor: © 2001 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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