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German Federal Republic HSB50 Series (Heavy) Territorial Brigades (1980-85) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Germany (Federal Republic)
Wednesday, 01 January 2003 20:54

Quality: NATO 2
Morale: 1/3 Regular 2/3 Green.

This article originally appeared in the SOTCW's Journal No.46 (January 2003).

Bde HQ: 1 x HQ M577, or M113A1G, or Stand in Truck.

1-2 Panzer Battalions, each:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ M48A2C or M48A2G2, or Leopard 1A1A1 (see below).
3 Companies, each: 3 x M48 or Leopard Tanks (see below).

1-2 Mechanised Jager Battalions, each:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ M113A1G.
1 Mortar Battery: 1 x 120mm Mortar in M113.
3 Mechanised Companies, each: 2 x M113A1G Combat Teams (1 with Milan).
1 Anti-Tank Battery: 2 x M48A2C or 2 x JagdPanzer Kanone.

0-1 Motorised Jager Battalion:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ Stand in Truck.
1 Mortar Battery: 1 x120mm Mortar & Truck.
3 Motorised Companies, each: 2 x Infantry Stands (1 with Milan) in Trucks.
1 Anti-Tank Battery: 2 x JagdPanzer Kanone.

1 Artillery Battalion: 4 x M101 towed 105mm Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO (Jeep).

1 Engineer Company: 2 x Engineer Stands & Trucks, 0-1 x M48 AVLB.

3 Replacement Companies, each: 2 x Replacement Infantry Stands - These can only be used to fill out losses in damaged units in a campaign – they are not a combat unit in their own right.

list-arrowAll Infantry Stands/Combat Teams have integral PzF44 LAW and 84mm S550 Carl Gustav MAW in addition to, where specified, the Platoon Milan Launcher (there is one of the latter per company). Replacement Company Stands likely have no LAW or MAW until re-equipped after assignment to Battalions.

list-arrowEngineer Stands only have PzF44 LAW and are only standard Light Engineers (i.e. Mine Laying/Lifting, Entrenching/Basic Demolitions).

list-arrowEach Brigade is typically around 2/3 strength in peace time, with only 2 Companies per Battalion immediately available, and where 2 Panzer Battalions are present typically only 1 (or the equivalent of 1) is operational. Mobilisation of several days would bring the brigade(s) to close to full strength.

The 6 Actual Brigades

Heimat-Schutzbrigaden 51: 2 Panzer Btns (Leopard 1A1A1); 1 Mech Jgr Btn; 1 Mot Jgr Btn.
Heimat-Schutzbrigaden 52: 1 Panzer Btn (M48A2*); 1 Mech Jgr Btn; 1 Mot Jgr Btn.
Heimat-Schutzbrigaden 53: 2 Panzer Btns (M48A2G2); 1 Mech Jgr Btn; 1 Mot Jgr Btn.
Heimat-Schutzbrigaden 54: 2 Panzer Btns (M48A2*); 1 Mech Jgr Btn.
Heimat-Schutzbrigaden 55: 2 Panzer Btns (M48A2*); 1 Mech Jgr Btn.
Heimat-Schutzbrigaden 56: 1 Panzer Btn (Leopard 1A1A1); 2 Mech Jgr Btn – this Bde assigned to NATO.

* In 1980 these 5 Pz Battalions are all M48A2C (90mm); by 1985 all have been upgraded to M48A2G2 (105mm).

The M48A2C in the 5th Anti-Tank Company of some Mechanised Jager Battalions were also subsequently upgraded to M48A2G2 at some time around 1985 or later...

Contributor: © 2003 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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