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40th Jordanian Armoured Brigade (c.1970) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Jordan
Sunday, 16 March 2008 19:24


Quality: NATO 2 (or use WARPAC 1 for Order Changes)
Morale: Veteran

Brigade HQ: 1x HQ M577.
Brigade Recce Company: 2 x Recon M113 Combat Teams*, 1 x HMG & Landrover, 1 x 106mm M40 & Landrover.
Brigade AA Company: 3 x M42 Duster Twin-40mm.

2 Armoured Regiments, each:
HQ: 1 x HQ Centurion 7.
3 Squadrons, each: 3 x Centurion 7.

1 Mechanised Battalion:
HQ: 1 x HQ M577, 2 x Jeeps with 106mm M40.
Mortar Battery: 1 x M106 (4.2" Mortar).
3 Companies , each: 3 x M113 Combat Teams*, 1 x M125 (81mm Mortar).

Potential air support: up to 3 x Hunter FGA (rockets & cannon).

* With integral 3.5” M20 Bazooka.

Contributor: © 2008 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

Note: Mark rates these as NATO 2 but I suggest possibly downgrading their Order Changes (only) to WARPAC 1 to reflect their command decisiveness & politics/commitment (or possible lack of these) undermining their better NATO 2 equipment & training quality. You may of course choose to still treat as NATO 2 for everything as Mark originally suggests if you believe this isn't the case - John Moher.

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