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North Korean People's Army Infantry Division (1949-1950) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Korea (North)
Sunday, 27 March 2005 08:55

korea north
Quality: WARPAC 2
Morale: Regular

Divisional HQ: 1 x HQ stand, 1 x SMG Infantry Stand*.

3 Infantry Regiments, each:
RHQ: 1 x HQ Stand.
1 Mortar Battery: 1 x M43 120mm Mortar.
1 Regimental Gun Battery: 1 x M42 76mm Field Gun & Truck.
1 Anti-Tank Battery: 1 x M42 45mm ATG**.
3 Infantry Battalions, each:
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ Stand.
3 Infantry Companies, each: 2 x Infantry Stands***, 1 x MMG Stand, 1 x Type 31 60mm Mortar.
1 Support Company: 2 x M37 82mm Mortars, 0-1 x M42 45mm ATG stand*.

1 Artillery Brigade/Regiment:
2 Artillery Battalions, each: 3 x M42 76mm Field Guns & Trucks, FO.
1 Artillery Battalion: 3 x SU-76 76mm SP Guns, FO.
1 Artillery Battalion: 3 x M38 122mm Howitzers & Trucks, FO.
3 AA Companies, each: 3 x 14.5mm AA HMG Stands.
3 Anti-Tank Batteries, each: 1x M42 45mm ATG & Truck.

Engineer Battalion: 3 Engineer Companies, each: 2 x SMG Engineer Stands.

1 Divisional Recce Company: 2 x Recon SMG Infantry Stands & Trucks*.

* The SMG Div HQ Defence Platoon, and the Mechanised Recon SMG Infantry Stands, are AT 0-3" and AI 5-3” and have no ATGW factor.

** 45mm ATG in Infantry Regiments are usually manhandled but may on occassion be truck towed.

*** Standard Infantry Stands have integral PTRD-41 AT Rifles so have AT 2-3" and AI 4-6" (later AI 5-6") and no ATGW factor.

Contributor: © 2005 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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