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MEDFOR NATO Improvised Intervention Force (1973 Syria) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Mixed Nationality
Thursday, 20 March 2008 19:17


Quality: NATO 1
Morale: British Veteran / U.S. & French Regular

Brigade HQ: Off-shore on U.S. Command Ship.

U.S. Battle Group (from Armoured Brigade):
Btn HQ: 1 x HQ M577, 1 x M48A3, 1 x M48 AVLB, 1 Redeye SAM & Jeep.
1 Recce Platoon: 2 x Recon M114A1 (with 20mm).
1 Mortar Battery: 1 x M106 (120mm Mortar).
2 Armoured Companies, each: 4 x M48A3.
1 Mechanised Company: 4 x M113 Combat Teams*, 1 M125 (81mm Mortar).

French Marine Infantry Battle Group:
HQ: 1 x HQ Infantry Stand, 1 x 106mm M40 RR Jeep.
1 Mortar Battery: 1 x 120mm Mortar & Truck
1 Artillery Battery: 1 x M56 105mm Pack Howitzer & Truck.
1 Armoured Company: 3 x AMX-13 (90mm), 1 x AMX-13 (75mm & SS-11), 2 x HMG Jeep.
3 Infantry Companies, each: 2 x Infantry Stands**, 1 x M44 81mm Mortar Stand.
(Note: probably only sufficient motor transport for 1 of the 3 companies to be transported at any one time).

British Battle Group (from Armoured Regiment):
HQ: 1 x HQ FV434, 1 x Centurion 13 Dozer.
Recce Platoon: 2 x Recon Ferret Scout Cars.
Recce Flight: 1 x AH-1 Sioux Helicopter.
2 Armoured Squadrons , each: 3 x Centurion 13.
1 Mechanised Company: 3 x FV432 Combat Teams***.

Naval Air Defence (off-shore):
3 x Hawk SAM Batteries.

2 x Destroyers (Naval Artillery Support); each:
1 x 5" Gun Battery (treat as 122mm with 170" range) - no dedicated FO.

U.S. Naval Air Support:
Up to 3 x A4 Skyhawks or A7 Corsairs - no dedicated FAC.

* With integral M67 90mm RR.
** With integral 3.5” M20 Bazooka.
*** With Integral M2 84mm Carl Gustav.

Contributor: © 2008 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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