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Task Force "Abu Bakr" (1990-91 Gulf War) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Mixed Nationality
Monday, 02 April 2001 12:08

qatar saudiarabia
Quality: NATO 2
Morale: Qatari's Regular & Saudi's 2/3 Regular 1/3 Green

Task Force Headquarters: 1-HQ Saudi V150 APC.

1-Qatari Reinforced Mechanised Brigade or Group: 
Brigade or Group Headquarters: 1-HQ AMX-10P or VAB.
1-Qatari Artillery Battery: 1-105mm towed Howitzer & Truck, 1 x FO).
1-Qatari Armored Battalion:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ AMX-30S.
2-Tank Companies, each with: 3-AMX-30S.
1-Qatari Mechanised Battalion:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ AMX-10P.
2-Infantry Companies, each with: 3-AMX-10P Combat Teams.
1-Infantry Company: 3-VAB Combat Teams.
1-Weapons Company: 2-VAB HOT, 1-81mm Mortar in VAB, 1-Jeep mounted Milan II.

1-Saudi Mechanised National Guard Brigade: 
Brigade Headquarters: 1-HQ V150.
1-Brigade Reconnaissance Company: 1-Recon V150 20mm Armored Car, 2-Recon V150 Combat Teams, 1-Recon V150 TOW I-Imp.
1-Air Defence Company: 4-V150 Vulcans.
1-Saudi Artillery Battalion: 4-M102 towed 105mm Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.
3-Saudi Mechanised National Guard Battalions, each:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ V150.
3-Mechanised National Guard Companies, each with: 3-V150 Combat Teams
 & 2 integral Support Weapon Stands - see below.
Support Weapons (Integral to SMNG Companies): 2-V150 90mm Fire Support, 2-V150 81mm Mortars, 1-V150 TOW I-Imp, 1-Recon V150 20mm Armored Car.


The Qatari Reinforced Mechanized Brigade or Group in this force were somewhat affectionately dubbed "Panzer Group Qatari" by the troops of the Western Coalition Members....

The Qatari Armoured Battalion may be attached to the Qatari Mechanised Battalion creating a single, 'Reinforced' Battalion under the command of the Mechanised Battalion HQ (this is actually what was done historically). If you chose to do so add the 2 Tank Companies to the Mech Battalion, and remove the Tank Battalion HQ Stand completely (assumed to be subsumed into the Mech Btn HQ).

Use the French Datacards for all Qatari troops. The AMX-30S is the same as AMX-30B2 (1982-92 & Gulf) on Datacards. The AMX-10P Combat Teams use the AMX-10P (Mech Inf) factors. The VAB Combat Teams use the VAB (1981+) factors.

Use the US Datacards for the Saudi troops. The Saudi National Guard Support Weapon Stands are integral to the Mechanised Companies, but are consolidated here to allow representation at MSH's scale - allocate any 2 (different) support stands to each of the 3 Companies (e.g. you can't allocate both 90mm V150's to the same company).

Qatari's and Saudi's may not be 'attached' to each other's units...

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