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1st Netherlands (Dutch) Army Corps (c.1984) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Netherlands
Sunday, 31 March 2002 13:08

Quality: NATO 2 except 101st Mot Bde uses WARPAC 2 tables (i.e. Orders, Flank Marches, Artillery, etc.)
Morale: Green

This article originally appeared in the SOTCW's Journal No.43 (March 2002).

In addition to the troops already listed with 4th Netherlands (Dutch) Mechanised Division (c.1984):

101st (Reserve) Motorised Brigade:
Bde HQ: 1 x HQ Stand in Truck.
32nd Recce Coy: 4 x Recon Landrover with MG.
32nd Eng Company: 3 Engineer Stands & Trucks, 1 Recon Landrover with MG.
32nd Tank Company: 4 x Centurion 5/3.
54th Arty Battalion: 3 x Towed M114 155mm Howitzers & Lorries, 1 x FO (Landrover).
102nd, 132nd, 142nd Motorised Battalions, each:
BHQ: 1 x HQ Stand in truck, 1 x 120mm RT61 Mortar & Truck, 1 x M40 106mm RR Jeep.
3 Companies, each: 2 Infantry Stands & Trucks.
The Brigade is poor and designated to be used for rear-area security only.

101st Artillery Group:
119th Artillery Battalion: (Radar/Spotting Battalion).
129th Artillery Battalion: 1 x Lance SRBM (with ICM warheads).

102nd Artillery Group:
19th & 44th Artillery Battalions, each: 4 x M109A2 SP 155mm Howitzers, 1 x FO.
107th Artillery Battalion: 3 x M107 SP 175mm Guns, later 4 x M110A2 SP 203mm Howitzers, 1 x FO.
117th Reserve Artillery Battalion: 4 x M110 SP 203mm Howitzers, 1 x FO.

103rd (Reserve) Artillery Group:
104th, 114th, & 124th Artillery Battalions, each: 4 x M114 Towed 155mm Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.
108th Artillery Battalion: 4 x M115 Towed 8" Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.

104th Artillery Group:
134th, 144th, & 244th Artillery Battalions, each: 4 x M114 Towed 155mm Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.
118th Artillery Battalion: 4 x M115 Towed 8" Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.

101st AA Group (disbanded by 1986):
15th, 25th, 45th Reserve, 105th Reserve, 115th Reserve, & 125th Reserve AA Battalions, each: 3 x Bofors 40mm L/70 (with PC Radar) towed AA Guns & Trucks, 1 x M55 Quad .50" on YA-328 DAF Truck.

101st Engineer Group:
108th Diver Platoon.
101st NBC Company.
102nd Coast Company.
11th, 41st, & 101st Engineer Battalions, each:
Btn HQ: 1 HQ Stand & Truck.
2 Engineer Companies, each: 3 Engineer Stands & Lorries.
2 Bridging Companies, each: 2 Medium Girder Bridges.

101st MP Battalion:
11th, 41st, 103rd, & 104th MP Companies, each: 2 MP Stands & Jeeps.

Corps Light Aviation Group:
298th Helicopter Squadron: 5 x Recon Alouette III.
299th & 300th Helicopter Squadrons, each: 3 x Recon Bo-105C, 2 x Recon Alouette III.
301st (Reserve) Helicopter Squadron: 2 x Recon Alouette III.
Note: All above helicopters are unarmed reconnaissance & observer aircraft.


In practice units noted as Reserve Generally would not be available immediately, and relied on civilian transport for movement of called up reservists to depots within 72 hours. Forming up into their proper battalions would have taken longer again. All active (Regular Army) units also have one of their line companies on leave at any one time, thus even frontline units would require some three days notice to muster to their current full strength.

Contributor: © 2002 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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