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The Rules - Reviews & Feedback
Friday, 01 June 2001 16:57

GHQ N87 Leopard 1A1A1Our thoughts have now turned to the north German plain in 1984, for which I have been building the West German 3rd Panzer Division and elements of the 1st Corps. Opponent Phil has been enthused by a recent visit to Seelowe Heights where he obtained much information on East German TOE and kit, walked through a submarine and touched a SA-5 no less amongst several museum visits. He now has the 9th East German Panzer Division building up alongside about 6 million Soviets it seems. Talk is of a mini-campaign based on a computer game he has, which pits the Soviet 2nd Guards Tank Army against 1st Panzer Corps.

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Modern Spearhead Review PDF Print E-mail
The Rules - Reviews & Feedback
Saturday, 30 December 2000 21:54

GHQ W43 T-55AWell, they are finally here, Modern Spearhead rules, written by Alex Macris and John Moher. Published in America, it costs £14.50 here (UK) from various outlets. Published in US Letter format, unbound, but pre-punched for use in ring binders, you get 39 pages of rules, 3 pages of scenarios, 4 pages of designer notes, and 41 pages of TOE. More on the latter later. A bit expensive considering the lack of binding. Obviously designed to accept amendments and updates.

I had hoped that these were the set that St Helens Wargames Club had developed, which uses a D10 system rather than D6 to cope with the greater variety of kit and training qualities evident post-WW2. This is not the case, and these are straight development of the WW2 Spearhead rules, with all its strengths and weaknesses.

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Modern Spearhead: A Further Review PDF Print E-mail
The Rules - Reviews & Feedback
Saturday, 31 March 2001 15:06

GHQ W45 T-80Sometime before Christmas 2000 I played a square Armoured Brigade c1986 dug-in against a Soviet Category-1 Tank Division commanded by Phil Shaw, the full description of which will have to wait a later issue. Suffice to say they pretty much destroyed each other although it was a major flank march, and air support, that swung it in the Soviets favour, that and the minefields I blocked all the bridges with which prevented me (the British) launching a counter-attack.

The game confirmed the weakness in the British air defence and artillery at the time, and shows how much we would have been reliant on American airpower to hold the line. Conversely the combination of Soviet layered air defence types made RAF support ineffective given the numbers I had available.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 March 2010 17:11
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