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Clash in the Bekka, Lebanon 1982 PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 01 December 1998 17:16
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Clash in the Bekka, Lebanon 1982
Syrian Briefing & Victory Conditions
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GHQ IS6 Merkava 1It is 1982 and the Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon is in full swing. A premeptive Israeli advance up the Bekaa Valley to clear it of Palestinian Insurgents has threatened the Damascus-Beirut Highway and resulted in a Syrian response, and a pending armored clash as the two spearheads of the two forces meet. This is one of the original Modern Spearhead play-test scenarios and features a small high-quality Israeli Brigade facing a reasonably strong Syrian Tank Division.

Table Set-Up

The table should represent a typical section of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. The main highway to Damascus should run North to South centrally placed along the length of an approximately 8' x 5' table. Rising high ground should be scattered along the two long table edges representing the beginning of the valley walls and an occasional small low hill between these and the table's centre line.Southern Bekaa Valley 2-6 town sectors should be placed at random intervals along the road to represent sprawling villages (one or two at random can be a large villages with 2 sectors), and 1-2 more town sectors randomly near any of the high ground (representing outlying villages) connected to the main highway by secondary roads. The balance of the table should contain a mix of fields, an occasional olive or orange grove, and near the long table edges occasional areas of rough-going where there is no high ground. One or two randomly placed small (fordable) streams can also run from the high ground into and along the valley (towards the closest short table edge from where they start).

Israeli Briefing

Situation: 1982, the Bekka Valley, Lebanon. Your Brigade Group has advanced along the Damascus-Beirut highway and liberated the area of Palestinian terrorists. Israeli Air Force reconnaissance indicates that a Syrian armored formation is moving southward towards your positions. You have been ordered to hold your ground against the Syrian invaders and if possible counter-attack.

Mission: Israelis set up within 24” of the southern table edge. They may Flank March with 1 Battalion along the western or eastern table edges. 1 Battalion may be kept in Reserve. All 3 Battalions may have order change attempts each turn.

Israeli Order of Battle

Quality: NATO 1
Morale: Veteran

Israeli Brigade Group “Okun”:
Brigade Headquarters: 1-HQ M113 Zelda.
Antitank Guided Missile Company: 2-M901 TOW.
Armored Reconnaissance Company: 1-Recon Jeep .50 HMG, 1-Recon M113 Zelda Combat Team.

Armored Task Force “Ariel”:
1-Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ Merkava I.
2-Armored Companies, each with: 2-Merkava I.
1-Mechanized Company: 2-M113J Zelda Combat Teams.

Armored Task Force “Peled”:
1-Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ Stand in Merkava I.
2-Armored Companies, each with: 2-Merkava I.
1-Mechanized Company: 2-M113J Zelda Combat Teams.

I/202nd (Mechanized) Parachute Battalion:
1-Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ M113 Zelda.
4-Infantry Companies, each with: 2-M113 Zelda Combat Teams.

Brigade Artillery Support (off-table):
1-Mortar Battalion: 2-120mm M125 SP Mortars (6 HE or Smoke fire missions), 1 FO.
1-Artillery Battalion: 2-155mm M109 SP Howitzers (4 HE fire missions & 2 ICM fire missions), 1 FO.

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