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Mazrat Al-Jami, Golan Heights, Syria 1998 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 01 January 1999 11:49
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Mazrat Al-Jami, Golan Heights, Syria 1998
Israeli OOB - Syrian Briefing
Syrian Orders and OOB
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GHQ W81 T72M1Mazrat Al-Jami is one of the original play test scenarios developed by Alex Macris during Modern Spearhead's development - it features a hypothetical Syrian breakthrough in the Golan Heights after a surprise SRBM Gas Attack, and a corresponding Israeli response by rushing reserves in to plug the gap. Force size sees an Israeli Para Brigade attempting to thwart a breakthrough by a Reinforced Syrian Tank Brigade in an encounter style battle.


 1998 Golan Heights Mazrat Al-Jami Map

Please note: This scenario was developed during the early stages of Modern Spearhead's development so the balance of the scenario may have changed slightly once the final version of Modern Spearhead and Errata is taken into account.

Israeli Briefing

To: General Jacob Okun, Commander 202nd (Mechanized) Parachute Brigade
At: 1215 Hours 10 October 1998

Situation: On 0645 hours, Syria launched an unprevoked surprise attack using SCUD-C short-range ballistic missiles equipped with non-persistent nerve agents on Golan Heights positions occupied by our 7th Armored Brigade. In the wake of the chemical bombardment, a breakthrough attack by the Syrian 3rd Infantry Division managed to smash a 6-km gap in our defensive line.

Mission: 202nd Parachute Brigade has been released from Corps reserve to plug the gap in our lines. Your immediate objective is to cover the withdrawal of Corps staff and supply elements from the town of Mazrat Al-Jami, thereby allowing us to reformulate a cohesive defense to the east. If you encounter advancing Syrian hostiles, you must at all costs prevent them from advancing westward towards our homeland. If possible, advance eastward and re-establish a defensive perimeter along the Heights.

Threat: Intelligence reports that a reinforced Syrian brigade is moving to exploit the gap and is headed directly towards Corps headquarters at the town of Mazrat Al-Jami. A Syrian brigade is generally 4 battalions.

Game Notes

Victory Conditions

Game length will be 18 turns. To win, you must have (1) successfully exited the Corps HQ and at least 1 Supply Truck off the Western board edge, (2) not allowed any Syrian formations to exit from the Western board edge, and (3) end the game with at least 1 Battalion east of Mazrat Al-Jami.

Command Structure

You are commanding a Brigade. You have 1 Brigade HQ, 3 Fighting Battalions, 1 Support Artillery Battalion, 1 Support Helicopter Battalion, and 1 Close Air Support Squadron. Additionally, you have command over the Corps Headquarters Battalion.

Attaching Out

You must Attach Out (permanently assign) your Brigade HQ to 1 of your 3 Fighting Battalions.

Each of your 3 Fighting Battalions has an integral Mortar Company. These are Battalion Artillery (see below). Additionally, you have an off-table Artillery Battalion that must be Attached Out, consisting of 3 Artillery Batteries. Each of these 3 Artillery Batteries must be Attached Out in one of the three following ways:

  1. To Counterbattery: Any Platoon in the Brigade can Call In the Artillery, but it is less likely to respond when you need it. However, it can be used for counter battery fire against Arab artillery.
  2. To the Brigade: Any Platoon in the Brigade can Call In the Artillery; it is more likely to respond than Counterbattery Artillery, but less likely to respond than Battalion Artillery. It can not be used for counter battery fire.
  3. To a particular Fighting Battalion: Only Platoons in the Fighting Battalion to which the Artillery is assigned can Call In the guns. It is very likely to respond.

Your must designate which Fighting Battalion each of your two Helicopter Squadrons is Supporting. Additionally, you must assign a Mission to each of your Helicopter Squadrons. There are 4 Missions:

A. Tank Busting (enemy tanks, then armored fighting vehicles, then other vehicles)
B. Ground Assault (enemy infantry, enemy artillery, then other soft targets)
C. General Support (any soft targets, then any armored targets)
D. Fire Suppression (any artillery, then any soft vehicles)

You must indicate with which Battalion your Close Air Support Air Ground Controller is initially travelling. You must decide on Armament for each of your F4Es. The available armaments are: Antitank Cannon, Rockets, Bombs, Improved Conventional Munitions, and Napalm.

Forward Observers

Your Artillery Batteries have Forward Observers (“FOs”). FOs dramatically increase the responsiveness of artillery support, so they should be placed with whichever Battalion(s) the Artillery intends to primarily support.

Ammunition Available

Your integral Mortar Companies have unlimited ammunition but may only fire High-Explosive or Smoke shells. Your 3 Artillery Batteries each have 9 Fire Missions (rounds of ammunition). A Battalion may fire High-Explosive, Smoke, or Rocket-Assisted (for longer range) shells for a cost of 1 Fire Mission, or any of the following for 2 Fire Missions:

  • Improved Conventional Munitions: Cluster bombs, more effective against targets in the open but less effective against targets in cover.
  • Artillery-Delivered Minefields: Antitank or Anti-infantry minefields delivered immediately anywhere within line of sight.

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