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Operation Burning Sands: Counterattack at Mu’amur, Iraq 1988 PDF Print E-mail
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Games - Scenarios
Saturday, 01 January 2000 19:15

GHQ AC5 A10 Warthog/ThunderboltWhen the campaign in Afghanistan escalated into a major Soviet effort for domination of the Middle East, the United States was forced to intervene. In Operation: Black Gold the U.S. expeditionary force successfully halted a Soviet incursion into staunch U.S.-supporter Iraq. As part of a Corps-wide maneuver, 1st Cavalry Division has been ordered to counter-attack Soviet positions along the border. On the 9 April 1988 the 39th U.S. Armored Brigade is attacking positions in the Mu’amur valley held by a reinforced Motor Rfle Regiment from the 18th Guards Motor Rifle Division.


The battlefield is situated in North-East Iraq (beyond Baghdad), North of the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, and in the area of the recently over-shadowed Iran-Iraq warMap Of Iraq (Russia used this as an excuse to step into Iran and expand it's direct control from Afghanistan westwards). The Battlefield is 8' x 5' (or up to 10' x 6' if you wish) and runs North to South (i.e. the long table-edges are the East & West sides of the border). Terrain should represent the open but increasingly rough hilly foot-hills that typifies the mountainous terrain of the Northern Iran-Iraq border. The western third of the table should be relatively open flat terrain with the occasional low hill and large fields and a village or two (town sectors) along the table edge, the central area of the table should have increasingly rougher terrain with more low hills leading into the eastern most half which should feature increasingly higher 2-3 contour hill's as you head East (some impassable to vehicles above the 1st contour), all running North-South along the table and higher as you get to the Eastern edge. At least one road should run East-West and on the Eastern side pass through a small valley or pass in the hills off table into Iran...


list-arrowAmericans enter from Western table edge. American Artillery has 9 Fire Missions each. Americans have 2 EW units (as per Section 16 Page 36, they may make 2 EW actions per turn).

list-arrowSoviets set up anywhere within 48” of the Eastern table edge. Soviet Artillery has 6 Fire Missions each. All Soviet troops may begin Entrenched. The Soviets have 1 EW unit (as per Section 16 Page 36, they may make 1 EW action per turn).

list-arrowStandard Flank March and Reserve rules are in effect.

list-arrowEngineering Rules are in effect.

list-arrowNo Chemical or Nuclear weapons are available.

Victory Conditions: Americans win if they destroy or rout 3 Soviet Battalions by turn 18. Soviets win if Americans do not achieve their victory conditions. Game Length is 18 turns.

U.S. Order of Battle:

United States of America
Quality: NATO 1
Morale: Regular

39th U.S. Armored Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division:
Brigade Headquarters Company: 1-HQ M557.
2-Engineer Companies, each with: 3-M113 Engineer Combat Teams, 1-Line Charge Vehicle.

1st Armored Battalion:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ M557.
Recon Platoon: 1-Recon M3A1 Bradley CFV.
Mortar Battery: 1-M125 SP 120mm Mortar.
Air Defense Platoon: 1-M1097 HMMWV Avenger (Stinger).
3-Armored Companies, each with: 3-M1A1.

2nd & 3rd Mechanized Infantry Battalions, each with:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ M557.
Recon Platoon: 1-M3A1 Bradley CFV.
Mortar Battery: 1-M125 SP 120mm Mortar.
Air Defense Platoon: 1-M1097 HMMWV Avenger (Stinger).
3-Mechanized Companies, each with: 3-M2A1 Bradley Combat Teams.
1-Antitank Company: 3-M901 ITV.

4th Cavalry Squadron:
Squadron Headquarters: 1-HQ M577.
2-Ground Cavalry Troops, each: 4-M3A1 Bradley CFVs, 1-M125 SP 120mm Mortar.
2-Air Cavalry Troops, each: 1-AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter.
2-Attached Observation Flights, each: 1-OH-58 Kiowa Observation Helicopter.

1-Artillery Brigade (off-table):
2-Artillery Battalions, each with: 6-M109 SP 155mm Howitzers, 1 FO.
1-Heavy Artillery Battalion: 1-M993 MLRS, 1 FO.

1-Close Air Support Squadron: 3-A10 Thunderbolt (Warthog) Ground Attack Aircraft, 1 FAC.

Soviet Order of Battle

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Morale: Regular

18th Guards Motor Rifle Division:
Divisional HQ (off-table).

1st Motor Rifle Regiment (BTR):
Regimental Headquarters Company: 1-HQ BTR-60PU; 1-BRDM-2.
2-Air Defense Companies, each: 1-BRDM-2 (SA-9); 1-ZSU-23/4 Shilka.
1-Antitank Battery: 2-BRDM-3 (AT-5)
1-Recon Company: 1-Recon BRDM-2, 1-Recon BMP-R.
1-Mortar Company: 1-Vasilyek 82mm Auto-Mortar & Truck.
1-Engineer Company: 2-Engineer Stands & Trucks, 1-GMZ Minelayer.
1-Artillery Battalion: 6-2S1 122mm SP Howitzers, FO.
3-Motor Rifle Battalions, each with:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ BTR-60PU.
3-Motor Rifle Companies, each with: 2-BTR-60PB Combat Teams.
1-Support Company: 1-120mm Mortar & Truck, 1-AT4/SPG 9 Stand in BTR-60PK.
1-Tank Battalion, with:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ T-80B.
3-Tank Companies, each with: 3-T-80B.

18th Division Artillery Regiment (off-table):
2-122mm Howitzer Battalions, each with: 6-2S1 122mm SP Howitzers, FO.
1-Rocket Launcher Battalion: 2-BM21 MRLs, FO.

18th Divisional Antitank Regiment:
Regimental Headquarters: 1-HQ BTR-60PU.
3-Antitank Battalions, each with: 3-125mm Towed AT Guns & MT-LB, 1-BRDM-3 (AT5).

900th Independent Tank Destroyer Battalion:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ IT-1 Drakon.
3-Companies, each with: 3-IT-1 Drakon.

1 General Air Support Squadron: 2-Su-25 Frogfoot Tactical Support Aircraft (No FAC).

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