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BAOR, Germany, 1st & 4th Armoured Divisions (1986-1990) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - United Kingdom
Thursday, 01 March 2001 11:17

United Kingdom
Quality: NATO 1
Morale: 2/3 Veteran 1/3 Regular

This article originally appeared in the SOTCW's Journal No.39 (Early 2001).

This is Mark Bevis’ updated/corrected Modern Spearhead TO&E for the 1986-1990 BAOR Armoured Divisions and was published prior to the release of any MSH Errata. This can be considered an official replacement or alternative for the published TO&E (both pre & post Errata).

Divisional Headquarters Company: 1 x HQ FV432.

3 Mechanised Brigade Headquarters, each: 1 x HQ FV439, 1 x FAC.

4 Armoured Regiments, each:
RHQ: 1 x HQ Sultan or Chieftain IX or XI*.
Regimental Recon Troop: 2 x Recon Scorpion.
Regimental ATGW Troop: 2 x FV438 Swingfire.
4 Armoured Squadrons, each: 4 x Chieftain IX or XI*.

5 or 4 Mechanised Battalions, each:
BHQ: 1 x HQ FV432.
Battalion Recon Troop: 2 x Recon Scimitar.
Battalion Mortar Platoon: 2 x FV432 with 81mm Mortar.
3 Mechanised Companies, each: 3 x FV432 Combat Teams.
1 ATGW Company: 1 x Spartan MCT (Milan-I), 3 x FV432 Milan-I ATGW Teams.

1 Armoured Recce Regiment:
RHQ: 1 x HQ Sultan.
4 Squadrons, each: 3 x Recon Scimitar, 1 x Recon Striker (and 1 x Recon Spartan with GSR**).

1 Engineer Regiment:
RHQ: 1 x HQ Sultan, 1 x Recon Ferret Scout Car, 1 x Stalwart (Amphibious 6x6), 1 x FV432 with Ranger & BAR Minelayer.
3 Field Engineer Squadrons, each: 3 x FV432 Engineer Combat Teams, 1 x FV180 CET.
1 Engineer Support Squadron: 1 x MGB Bridge (and 2 Tractors/Dozers, 1 x Digger/Excavator, l x Crane.)

1 Field Artillery Brigade:
Brigade HQ: 1 x HQ Stand in Landrover.
2 Field Artillery Regiments, each: 4 x Abbot 105mm SPG, 2 x FO (and 1 x FV432 with Cymbeline***).
1 Medium Artillery Regiment: 4 x M109A1 155mm SPG, 2 x FO (and 1 x FV432 with Cymbeline***).
1 AA Regiment of 3 Troops, each: 3 x Spartan Blowpipe or Javelin Stands.

1 Army Air Corps Regiment:
1 Attack Helicopter Squadron: 3 x Lynx AH3 with TOW.
1 Recon Helicopter Squadron: 3 x Recon Gazelle AH1.
1 Transport Squadron: 3 x Lynx AH1 or Gazelle AH1.

* Tanks are Chieftain Mark IX or XI Stillbrew, with up to 40% of Regiments having been upgraded to the Challenger 1 during the period covered.

** Spartan GSR provides 1 EW “Spotting” Mission per turn, they are abstracted into the EW Rules so don’t normally require representation on table.

*** Cymberline is a Mortar Locating Radar which can be used for related Radar Location tasks. It’s presence is abstracted into MSH by the Counter Battery & EW Rules.

Infantry (Combat Teams) have Carl Gustav S.550 MAW as standard or can have the newer LAW80 for their ATGW factor.

Up to one FV432 CT Stand in each Mechanised Infantry Company may be modelled with the FV432 with GPMG Turret if desired, this is purely aesthetic and does not affect the Combat Team factors.

From mid-1988 up to one in three of the Mechanised Battalions have Warrior MICV instead of FV432 if desired.

There is no fixed brigade structure - battalions and regiments are assigned to Brigade HQ’s as desired depending on mission.

British Doctrine allows for Battalions to cross-attach down to platoon level (i.e. can go to the level of having mixed companies) – Within each Brigade each Battalion may Cross-attach as normal by Company, or by “company sized groups” of platoons drawn equally from all companies (e.g. they can take 1 x FV432 Combat Team from each Mech Inf Company and swap it with 1 Chieftain Platoon from each Company of an Armoured Regiment).

Contributor: © 2001 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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